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Im trying to scan and photograph more of my drawings and the like but the graphite mark are pretty light…..


some drawings added….

assessment went well…..

some new pics.

Some new work….

video added………………..

so only a month to go and i aint updated in a while, will do soon tho.


expect more videos and pics


orite, well on fa the last stuff, ive been experimentin to wether in need the walls or not, basically been going bout the uni armed with wooden supports that ive made – kinda like the ones in the pics – and taking pictures of these rested up against walls and leavin them so that they were supportin a wall, but now the walls gone kinda thing.

lookin at casting [yes more of that] parts of the unis wall and see what comes fa them.



new stuff up. 

kinda goin with an idea the the stucture  was set up for that just photograph, so its basically a temporary structure.

also incorporating different aspects of different building in to it as I’m merely trying to hind at what this structure could be as i don’t fully know what the it is?



anyway heres some imagees!